Burglary Laws and Penalties

A burglary charge is a serious felony criminal offense in nearly every situation. Regardless of the facts that lead to a burglary arrest or accusation, it is a serious legal situation that can’t be taken lighting.

And it is certainly nothing anyone ever expects to face in their lives, so a legal defense is probably nothing you’ve ever considered.

Some burglary offenses can be related to substance abuse problems. You can also be accused of burglary in situations of messy domestic situations, such as in cases of a divorce or separation, or a relationship breakup, and restrictions on access to a formerly shared house, apartment or living space, and ownership of any property inside.

Because these situations are complicated, it is entirely possible to be accused of a crime unfairly.

And it is also possible that your life has lead you in directions that you sincerely regret, with a serious of bad circumstances and decisions.

No matter what happened, you need a proper legal defense and someone on your side in court.

Even in cases where you are prepared to accept responsibility for a criminal charge, there is a world of difference between being faced with an unfairly harsh penalty that includes significant jail time, and perhaps a fairer, more reasonable sentence that you can live with, and hope to your life back on track.

Don’t just plead guilty to any criminal charge without consulting a criminal defense lawyer who can help you evaluation your options and be your advocate in court.

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